Bullseye_01 Digital Art, download it, resize it

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Digital art,

a new way of selling,
a new way of buying,  
a new way of decorating,
a new way of pricing,
a new way of looking at art.

Each Digital painting has been made on a Tablet PC, as far back as 2014.

Bio about the artist. 
Born in London, many decades ago. Since his childhood days, he has always been doodling, now more than 30 years on he is still painting abstract both in digital form as well as in original form. This artist is Nicolas Botez.  
Please visit www.e-painting.com to see more Bio and original paintings by the artist. Here all the art are originals and come with a certificate of the copyright of the art work as well as the certificate of authenticity of the art work. All are 1 of 1 and can never be copied as most are in 3D. They are not flat art works.